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Beyond the Trend Teens Recommend 11/18

November 2018 BTTR / Beyond the Trend Teens Recommend Blog features: Catholic Central, Leslea Wahl and Jimmy Mitchell. These talented Catholic creatives are making a positive difference in culture. You’ll enjoy discovering their work.

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Lights to Avoid Suicide

Discover three literature-based antidotes for the pandemic of teen suicide. These are great alternatives for the toxic Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” Catholic YA fiction is growing in quality and quantity, exploring important themes to inspire teens.

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Beyond the Trend Teens Recommend 10/18

The Virtue Works Media Beyond the Trend Teens recommend. Discover Catholic creatives who work to #BetheChange we need to make the world a BeTTeR place! Read. Watch. Listen. October 2018: Author, Corrina Turner, Video Creator, Chris Stephanick, and Music artist Matt Mahr.

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