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The capstone of all the virtue-based technology innovation implemented through the ministry of VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will be an amazing mechanism to make it possible for families and church groups to provide virtue-rich books, movies and other resources to impoverished families, children and teens. Partnering with parishes in urban and rural communities, Virtue Outreach Sponsors will provide the means to bring the transformative power of virtue to single moms trying desperately to hang on to hope, to teens surviving depression and addiction and to children suffering in a world of fear.

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Spiritually at-risk teens

Virtue Outreach Sponsorship donations will provide resources to train and equip volunteer virtue mentors to come alongside of troubled teens in ways that honor each participants spiritual strengths. Something as simple as watching a video or reading a novel, and discussing the virtues in the story can open valuable dialogue that affirms personal dignity and inspires growth.

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Spiritually at-risk children

Children in difficult situations find comfort encountering stories and characters that paint a portrait of how to achieve a better life. It is powerful to place examples of noble and selfless behavior in their imaginations. Children in at-risk communities most especially need to learn to read...but not just any book. They deeply hunger for titles with content that shows them the joy and peace of a life of faith and virtue.

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Spiritually At-risk Families

Parents in at-risk communities can learn the value of virtue as they read aloud virtue-rich titles to their children. The reality is that virtues always work for the benefit of every person, young or old, who is inspired with grace to allow virtuous loving habits of goodness to grow.