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The most spiritually at-risk populations in our society are teens and preteens. Virtue Mentoring cultivates the loving common ground between adult authority and teen autonomy that fosters virtue receptivity in teens. It is vital to teach grown-ups how to reach across the ever-widening generational chasm which now isolates teens in a youth sub-culture largely bereft of virtue. 

LIGHT in the DARK events acquaint parents, grandparents and teachers with fresh and effective virtue mentoring techniques. Currently, these events are led by Virtue Works Media Founder, Cathy Gilmore.

Click below to find out all you need to know about Cathy’s skill as a presenter, and her integrity as a Catholic leader, parishioner, and mom.

Get a taste of the Virtue Mentoring vision by watching the video presentation of the "Rethinking the Ladder of Success with Humor and Humility" Event at Saint Louis Priory School. VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA Founder, Cathy Gilmore teamed up with Ignatius Press author of the best-selling book Humility Rules: Father Augustine Wetta, OSB.  The video is accessed with a VWM donation of as little as $5 at this link:  

Virtue Mentoring Introduced in St. Louis, MO with HUMOR and Humility.

Virtue Mentoring Introduced in St. Louis, MO with HUMOR and Humility.


Free Downloadable Resources to Assist you as a Virtue Mentor with Teen Guys and Teen Gals:

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Totally Feminine Genius

The VIRTUE LITERACY PROJECT is pioneering the Virtue Mentoring approach to build conscience and character in teen and pre-teen girls through a simple and easy-to-execute DIY multi-generational book club. Moms, grandmas, aunts and more, can enjoy an unstructured, often one-on-one, "book club" experience with a teen or pre-teen in which the book discussion is framed around Everyday Virtues. It is called the Totally Feminine Genius Generations Book Club, TFG Generations for short. Two lists of fun-to read age-appropriate books are recommended in the TFG Generations Book Club Guide. In a society with growing spiritual, moral, and gender confusion, this club affirms the total genius of femininity in an effortless, natural way that builds cross-generational relationships.

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Man to Man

The Man to MAN Generations Book and Media Club is also a DIY one-on-one “club.'“ It’s the easy way for fathers, grandfathers, uncles and more to come alongside younger guys as friendly mentors. What could be simpler than watching a movie together or reading the same book as a teen and having pizza or burgers together to discuss some of the virtues in the story?

Young guys thrive on adult guidance that is positive rather than punitive, advisory rather than argumentative, and light and lively rather than long and lectured. Virtue mentoring is the come alongside stance that improves effectiveness in guiding boys to become strong men of principle and integrity.  The Man to MAN Generations Book and Media Club is a great simple way to engage the conversation.

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The beauty of virtue mentoring is that it provides a healthy balance in adult / teen relationships. Adult authority is maintained while teen dignity is affirmed. Adults don't preach and teach. Teen enthusiasm and growing skill in critical thinking is valued. 

The process to grow strong in virtue is lifelong, and virtue mentoring allows adults and teens to embrace that journey. Side-by-side. Together.