The Virtue GAMING APP Sponsorship

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Individuals and/or organizations who sponsor the development of the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA APP, will be delighted to give families far more that a simple way to access the VWM Guide.  The reason thousands of families will download and use this app will be the Virtue POWERS Points Game. This virtue incentive game will give parents a simple and FUN way to reward children for reading, watching and DOING virtue. Integrated access with the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA Guide will show families just how powerful that consuming positive media content can be to influence positive behavior.

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Virtue Points for Reading

The VWM APP virtue incentive gaming feature will include a mechanism for children to earn points as they read virtue-rated books. Double points can be earned for reading virtue-rated books aloud to younger children or to an older relative or neighbor.

Pilot test participants couldn't be more pleased:

"Virtue reading has been something my 4 older children have really become excited about. I can see the progress they are making noticing virtues within the reading but they are also recognizing when they happen to see, hear or read something that lacks virtue and then turning away from it. My younger 3 have really enjoyed when the older ones take time to read to them as an Act of Mercy."

Rita Adolphson, Pilot Test Parent,  Virtue Works Media Program Advisor, Wildwood, MO

Peter G. 13 year old boy: “This game gives kids a chance to read better books. It gives kids who don’t like to read much, a fun way to read or watch more virtue stuff. It teaches kids to find virtue in everyday life.”

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Virtue Points for Watching

Watching virtue-rated movies, videos, and TV series are another way for children to rack up more virtue points. Once the child achieves his or her Virtue Powers Points goal, then a pre-determined relationally-based reward will be earned. (Like a shopping outing with mom, pizza and a movie with dad, one-on-one sleep over at grandma's, and more) 

The VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA Pilot test kids themselves are discovering the value of virtue:

Leah C. 12 year old girl: "Being a part of the virtue game has made me realize that I can find virtue everywhere. Even when I'm hanging out with my friends. I never really thought about that before."

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virtue points for doing

It's true, we are what we eat. Children who grow up consuming books and media packed with nutritious virtue behave with more virtue themselves. The Virtue Powers Points Game just makes the whole process FUN.

Pilot test families found that one particular game "rule" had a positive effect on mom and dad's approach to parenting: Once virtue points are earned, points can not be taken away, even for bad behavior. Here's what one happy mom said: 

"We LOVE the Virtues Powers Points Game! It has really helped me as a mom to encourage my children (7 and 4 years old) to recognize the virtues that they can practice each day. Even when we haven’t played it actively for a while, I still hear my boys saying “Is this a Kindness point?’’ or asking me, "Which color is it when I…?'' They love the rule that a Virtue Power Point can never be taken away :) which has really helped me to be more focused and appreciative of their good intentions and behaviors rather than pointing out their errors."

Stephanie Lombard, Virtue Powers Points Game Pilot Test Parent, Ballwin, MO