Virtue Fired UP! for Individuals & Small Groups

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Getting Started

Virtue Fired UP! is a great way to motivate pre-teens and teens to enjoy reading books with virtue-rich content. The program is designed for players age 10 through 14. Younger siblings can "play" informally. They can call themselves Virtue Fired UP! SPARKS. To get started within a family, or as an informal club among a small group of friends, you'll need to print out the informational flier for all those you'd like to invite to join your group. The flier describes all the details and the specific virtue focus for each week. 

Once you determine who is participating, then plan your schedule. The club requires an eight week commitment. Groups can gather for a Fired UP! Meet UP (meeting) once each week, or just a few times. Players must keep recording their points each week, even if no meeting is scheduled.

Next, pick which books your player is interested in reading. Virtue Fired UP! requires players to choose books from VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA recommended titles. Here's a quick link to the list.  Discover Virtue Titles. Frugal families can plan on players each picking two or three books and then planning to share and trade them among other competitors as they finish reading.


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Scoring Virtue points

When the group gathers for the first Fired UP! Meet UP to start competing, choose a team leader to keep player records and record point totals. There are various ways to keep track of ongoing player point totals. Tech-savvy families might create an excel file or Google doc.  But it can also be done simply with a composition notebook that is customized with a Virtue Fired UP! printable notebook cover attached to the front.

If multiple groups are playing, let the children name their teams and pick separate group leaders. For middle grade readers, it can be fun for the kids to plan for all-girl or all-boy teams to compete against each other. This is the only team sport in which boys and girls can compete, and are typically evenly matched. Each may have different interests and different approaches, but all can succeed. (It is often typical for guys to go for higher-value virtue points, and girls to read for speed and rack up chapter points. Both strategies are fine.)

Players keep track of their points each week on printable book marks. Players print, fold, and keep the bookmark in the book they are reading so it is handy to keep virtue notes and point scores. Virtue points only become official once they are described to, and given a check mark by the group leader or the player's parent.

 There is a specific bookmark for each week. This way the players easily remember which target virtues will earn them bonus points that week.

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Sweet success

At the end of eight weeks, the group gathers for a final MEET UP! to celebrate the highest scoring Virtue Fired UP! Torch Champion. You can make a torch trophy out of an old thrift store trophy spray painted gold and creatively customized. Or use a doll house miniature trophy. Be silly and imaginative. The the celebration of winning this 8-week challenge is friendly bragging rights, high fives and fun. 

We recommend you gather on week eight for a bonfire and s'mores to celebrate. Here's a few tips for a meaningful celebration:

1) Give each player a lit sparkler to toss together in to pre-prepared bonfire to light it and cheer everyone's success!

2) Employing a "last are first" virtue approach, the players with lowest point total get the first s'mores.

3) After s'mores, the players with highest point totals are given cans of yellow or orange silly string to chase all the other players around, squirting in jubilation.

This is faith that smiles. We are helping our teens and pre-teens appreciate the delight of VIRTUE with some good CLEAN fun!

Simply reading books beyond the mainstream pop-culture fare, and learning to look for examples of virtue in the story… makes everyone a winner!