A passion for VIRTUE inspires all we do.


The VWM Team

VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will make a powerful impact in the lives of individuals, families, and communities through the diverse talents of both paid and volunteer staff.

Otherwise known as "Mammas in Pajamas" or "Men in Pajamas." The key is that these amazing people will be contracted to work from home, in any attire they choose, to add title recommendations to the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA Guide. These integral members of our team possess a unique mix of talent and experience. Composed of librarians, book-worms, parents, teachers, and veteran home educators, this team will be responsible for adding to and maintaining a continuous stream of fresh virtue-rated titles on the VWMGuide. 

Ministry Staff
Grant writers, Virtue Advisors, Administrative Assistants, Marketing,  Design, and Technology staff will all contribute to ministry growth with a passion to make habits of virtue our personal and professional measure of success.

This ministry will rely on the essential help of volunteers who participate in a range of supportive ways: praying for the mission and all the lives touched by it, contributing additional favorite titles to the VWM Guide, assisting with practical day-to day tasks, event planning and ministry outreach. 

Prayer Power Team

Some folks decide to volunteer specifically as part of our prayer support team.

The foundation of what we do is a complete reliance on God. Prayerful adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, and supplication is the power that fuels our work. If you'd like to support this ministry with your prayers, join the team!


Ministry Advisors

Professionals, educators, parents, and clergy have offered valuable input in the research and planning for both the innovative VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA online family virtue resources and our effective ministry operations strategy.


Steve Notestine

Ian Patterson

Zip Rzeppa

Felicity Buckley

Dr. John Gresham

Julie Bostick

Dr. Ed Hogan

Jane Guenther

Denise Montgomery

Deb Meister

Joan Angelvine

Father Augustine Wetta, OSB

Rita Adolphson

Matt Freebersyser

Kim Morgan, LMSW

Deacon Taylor Leffler

Bob & Cynthia Wilhelm

Joanna Vilhard

Suzanne Kress

Lynda Burgman


Board of Directors

The individuals who act as the stewards of the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA ministry each bring unique expertise to their roles and responsibilities for guidance and governance of the ministry.


Michael Hoffman

Mark F. Mueller


Doreen Gilliam

Dr. Richard Johnson, PhD


Father Michael Rennier
Spiritual Advisor