Success Stories

Virtue Works Media pilot test families share their positive feedback


1. Virtue Fired UP! middle school virtue book club "provides a basis to help them decide on their own."

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One of the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA test programs that has been piloted in the Saint Louis area is the Virtue Fired UP! Middle School Book Club Teams. Teams of guys compete against teams of girls to read specially selected virtue-packed books and see which team earns the highest number of points. Play is fair and competitive for both reluctant readers as well as avid bookworms because points are earned both for speed: number of chapters read, and for strategy: triple points for virtues identified within a chapter.

Leah C. 12 year old girl: "Being a part of the virtue book club has made me realize that I can find virtue everywhere. Even when I'm hanging out with my friends. I never really thought about that before."

Peter G. 13 year old boy: “This club gives kids a chance to read better books. It gives kids who don’t like to read much, a fun way to read more. It teaches kids to find virtue in everyday life.”

Shari, a Test Mom: The Virtue Fired UP! book club has helped my son continue his reading during the summer.  The "competition" provided motivation for my pre-teen.  It also provides a lot of "discussion" points between the two of us regarding virtues and how to live a virtuous life that we talk about from the books and relate them to real life…during this time when he is becoming more of a man.  A MUCH better alternative to video games and books with questionable materials!” 


"Having the virtues readily available has also lead to many good discussions about some not-as-virtue-based media."

“I love all aspects of the Virtue Fired UP! Middle School Book Club Program for the way that it provides a starting ground for viewing all media. My oldest two have loved the book club and come home excited each week.  Having the virtues readily available has also lead to many good discussions about some not-as-virtue-based media and the positives and negatives of viewing those shows or reading those books. It provides a basis to help them decide on their own what is good material without me having to play "bad guy" and ban it. It also gives me a little more comfort in knowing that even if they do read something, they are questioning and filtering it themselves.  Two thumbs up! 😉”


Joanna Villhard

VWM Parent Advisory Group/ Pilot Test Family





2. "Virtue Works Media is helping every single one of us get to heaven."


Some families have participated in multiple test projects within the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA pilot programming. Whether attending a "Jewels of Virtue" mother-daughter tea, in which young girls discover in charming ways that their virtues are what make them the most beautiful, or a mass for the Sanctification of Modern Media with a reception honoring film makers and authors who create virtuous titles. Families are discovering how to make virtue a priority in media and entertainment, and doing so makes a tangible difference in the lives of both adults and children.

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 “As a seven member faith-filled Catholic family, actively involved in our parish, I’m kind of embarrassed to say that before the introduction of Virtue Works, I don’t know that I ever really talked to my kids about virtue. What I’ve come to realize is that understanding and living a virtuous life is what we are called to do. If we don’t know or even talk about virtues within our families we can’t begin to fully understand our mission as Catholics. The Virtue Works Media Programming is helping every single one of us get to heaven. I not only think more about the books, movies and music my children are choosing, but also the books, movies and music I’M choosing as well.”


Amber Hurst

VWM Parent Advisory Group / Pilot Test Family



3. Impressions from excited educators.

 A donation of virtue-rich books and movies to Our Lady of Guadeloupe School in FERGUSON, MO

A donation of virtue-rich books and movies to Our Lady of Guadeloupe School in FERGUSON, MO

 “I so believe that teachers need to read to their classes daily. When VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA offers teachers and families a simple and easy way to find and read the same books of faith and virtue to the children at school and at home, it will be so powerful. This can make such a difference in our students’ lives.”

Peggy O’Brien, Principal, Our Lady of Guadeloupe School, Ferguson Mo.

So many books in the school library are noted as "Award Winners" and yet many perfectly good books contain ideology that is not consistent with our Catholic faith.  I look forward to books being highlighted by VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA for their spiritual content as well as their literary value.  I believe that pointing out these books will start our kids recognizing and choosing media that is good for their soul."                               

Carrie Wolf  Pre-school Educator/Parent

"In a world where the family and Christianity are under attack, the helpful and uplifting tools that VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will provide are a necessity. It will offer an all-encompassing book, media and entertainment vetting and promotion program that aids children, their families, the Catholic Schools, and our country in choosing entertainment that is best for the soul."                                

Denise Montgomery, Home Educator, Founder, St Stephen Speech & Debate Club