Safe Video View CAMPAIGN

Ministry Pillar #4: Offer Tools to Protect Children from Toxic Content

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Give children an entertainment safe space
while they grow up so that they build the habit of searching on a reliable platform for content that is good for their souls.


Modern technology delivers media and entertainment in such a way that noble and virtuous content is presented with equivalent appeal and access with material that is morally malevolent or spiritually noxious. Video content captivates millions of children and teens. Yet, they are one click away from heinous content that our grandparents couldn't even imagine. And it's true, we can't un-see things. Limiting access and providing lots of clean alternatives is the positive answer to this problem. 

One of the special projects for which we need the help of generous donors like you is the Safe Video View Campaign. Resources will be used to create a special masking mechanism on the VWM Guide for recommended video title links. We want to protect children and teens who use our links to go to a site that gives immediate access to video content. 


Platforms like YouTube and others, do not have a strong moral compass. They always have a series of thumbnails that promote "similar" titles that they want the user to buy or watch next. Even if you select a virtuous title on their site, the other content they promote as "similar" is often sexually explicit, or contrary to faith and morality. It is routine for Christian videos to be accompanied by thumbnails relating to occult content, described as as "similar." Many children and teens have been exposed to addictive, soul-damaging material through those thumbnail images.

Donations will provide the resources to implement a special VWM masking frame around the page linked from the VWM Guide. With this mechanism in place, the user will simply view only the video of one specific title. None of the thumbnail "suggestions" will be visible. When the video ends, the viewer will be returned to the VWM search page to select another virtue-rated choice, completely avoiding all the thumbnails and toxic temptations. This feature alone is worth building the entire VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA platform to achieve.

We will offer parents a trustworthy way for children and teens to enjoy content from the the various popular video platforms. And when their son or daughter wants to see silly superheroes, they won't be ensnared by sexy superheroes instead.

Good. CLEAN. Fun.

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