Ministry Pillar #4: Safe Video Viewing Provides Good Clean Family Fun

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Something special that is part of Virtue Works Media’ VIRTUE LITERACY PROJECT is the Safe Video View Feature on the V-LIST platform. Resources will be used to create a special masking mechanism on the V-LIST for virtue-recommended free video title links that lead off of our site. For example, platforms like YouTube and others often show a series of thumbnails promoting "similar" titles that the user is enticed to buy or watch next. Even if the selected title is virtuous, the other content promoted as "similar" is often sexually explicit or contrary to faith and morality.

As resources are available, we will implement a special masked frame feature around the video viewing pages. With this mechanism in place, none of the thumbnail "suggestions" will be visible. When the video ends, the viewer will be returned to the V-LIST search page to select another virtue-rated choice.

We will offer parents a trustworthy way for children and teens to enjoy content from the the various popular video platforms without being tempted or distracted by less moral options. Visual experiences through movies and videos are an important part of families becoming virtue literate: knowing, understanding and practicing…virtue.