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Pray with US!

Our prayer is that through the power of storytelling in books, movies, and more, that our children, teens, and young adults will be inspired to choose habits of virtue. Perhaps God will use a small band of us to draw a myriad of others to discover the joy of Faith & Virtue. Our little blue emoji smile shows that we are under Mother Mary’s blue mantle and we don’t take ourselves too seriously…we know we are too small and weak to save the world. We’re just here as faithful little ones, trusting Mom and her son, Jesus, to do the big important stuff.

Our emoji is winking because we want you to know you are invited to be on the inside of some slightly mischievous special forces. When our culture now routinely considers good as something bad, and what is bad is embraced as good...we invite everyone to humbly resist with joyful gentleness and prayer. 

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It’s simple to join the team. As part of the team, you’ll hear from us in the Prayer & Virtue MEMO once each month to keep you in the loop about ministry prayer needs and opportunities, and the small and large successes we can celebrate in gratitude to God.

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Here is a prayer you can pray right now:

Dear Lord Jesus, we ask through the intercession of Mary our Mother that you would enable the ministry of VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA to develop the effective technology lifeline for parents, grandparents, and teachers to guide children and teens through a toxic media culture. Conventional media guides and cautionary rating systems have created a rite-of-passage, forbidden fruit, desire in teens to be old enough to consume increasingly violent and explicit content. Empower VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA to provide families, children, and youth with a better alternative.

Help us build the online platform that connects everyone with great quality books, movies, TV Series and YouTube videos, music, and more that are screened and rated according to Everyday Virtues. As other online search mechanisms offer 1-click access to evil choices in reading and media, Lord, make it possible for VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA to offer families a search mechanism with a reliable MORAL FILTER to easily choose reading and entertainment for children and youth to fill their imaginations and inspire their behavior with what is truly good.

Virtue works media Prayer Power Team Prayers:

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Mary’s VIRTUE Minions” is the affectionate nick-name given to the humble team of parents, grandparents, teachers, and more, who pray that God will use modern means through the ministry of VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA to inspire virtue in kids, and in all of us. We are proud to be the faithful, smiling, and sometimes silly, subordinates to the Blessed Mother Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth.

The wildly successful animated children’s movie that gave us the funny yellow “minions” was a redemptive story. The main character began as someone despicable, but later discovered he could be a good guy instead. His change of heart also redirected the energies of all his faithful underlings.

Sometimes the word minion is associated with descriptions of bad guys.  But, just like everything we do with this ministry, we are here to overcome evil with good. We are a bunch of good guys, whose prayers will help point the way out of darkness and villainy…with a joyful smile and a wink!

Join us! Anyone, any age, can be one of Mary’s blue VIRTUE Minions. Little people can unofficially be part of our prayer team too. (You have to be a grown-up to sign up.) Mom, dad, grandma or grandpa can keep little VIRTUE Minions in the loop.

Never underestimate the power of SMALL.

Parents and grandparents, invite your children to pray with you saying,

“Be one of Mary’s blue VIRTUE Minions with me! Let’s pray right now that God will superpower our prayers to make VIRTUE defeat all the darkness in our world!”