Our Vision

Virtue Works.

 Putting the POWER of positive media in the palm of our hands.

Putting the POWER of positive media in the palm of our hands.


Is there a way to calm the modern media MAELSTROM damaging the spiritual and moral development of young people, fracturing marriages, destroying workplace integrity, and dividing our nation?

Virtue Works.   

Is there a more effective way to OVERCOME CULTURAL EVIL than book bans, media boycotts, and cautionary blogs?

Virtue Works.   

Is there a way to build true HABITS OF HOLINESS in adults, teens and children?


Positive personal and cultural renewal is the VISION of VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA. This ministry will offer a lifeline to families who struggle daily trying to grow faith, conscience, and character in their children and teens.  Together, we can create the online search engine with a true moral compass. 

Popular entertainment too often fills our minds with negative images like greed, envy, laziness, lust, anger, gluttony, and pride. VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will rekindle goodness in the lives of children, teens and adults with virtues like humility, selflessness, generosity, purity, peace, and more.

Media is powerful. To read and watch and listen to what is true, noble, just, holy, and honorable is to BECOME these things. We will provide information about morally excellent entertainment and upbeat motivation to choose to experience and enjoy it.

VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will use modern technology to put habits of virtue to WORK in the lives of children, youth, and adults through the power of positive reading and entertainment.

This ministry is built on four essential pillars:

1) To pioneer a positive virtue-based rating system for reading and media.

2) To offer an exclusive list of media titles filtered by the 10 Commandments.

3) To enable deLIGHT to overcome  darkness through our joyful approach in all we do.

4) To help families and educators with practical tools to limit the exposure of children and teens to material with toxic content.

VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will fill an urgent cultural void with enjoyable alternatives to spiritually empty and morally toxic entertainment.

Our Christ-centered MISSION is anchored in FAITH. 

VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA is rooted in the Catholic religious tradition and draws upon centuries of holy inspiration to strengthen families in living principled, virtuous lives. Using Christ’s preference for storytelling as the model to build moral character, this positive cultural platform will enable virtue in thought, word, and action to take root and flourish in families and communities.

The core VALUES guiding the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA ministry are the 10 Commandments and 30 specific Everyday Virtues. This simple foundation allows the power of God to flow through our efforts to do tremendous good in the world.

VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will be the answered prayer for every parent, grandparent and educator who wants to inspire true goodness in children and teens through classic and contemporary stories, from both religious and nonreligious sources. Our innovative online tools will make it easy for families to choose high quality, morally rich media and soul-satisfying entertainment.

With your help, we can cooperate with the Holy Spirit in using the tools of technology in the service of true CHARITY: to feed starving souls, to clothe vulnerable hearts and to renew the face of the earth! 

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Catherine C. Gilmore
Founder, Executive Director, Virtue Works Media