Ministry Strategy


The VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA ministry strategy has been carefully prepared and vetted. 

An array of professionals, clergy and educators have advised, guided and critiqued operational plans. Here is their feedback.

“I highly recommend Virtue Works as a uniquely valuable online resource for connecting parents and teachers to virtue forming books and films. Stories are powerful tools for teaching and fostering virtue in our children and young people. This resource will provide connections to the right story for a particular virtue for a specific age level. The rating system is rooted in a solid Catholic theology of virtue. Virtues are universal and this resource will not only benefit Catholics but other Christians and in fact anyone interested in connecting children and teens to virtue forming stories. I encourage others to support this valuable work.”

John L. Gresham, Ph.D.
Director, Pontifical Paul VI Institute of Catechetical & Pastoral Studies
Professor of Systematic Theology, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, St. Louis, MO.

"The VWM site design is a smart plan to leverage social media techniques, search optimization and creative components to deliver valuable information in an enjoyable way.”   

Frank Wittman,  Information Technology Strategy Consultant, Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC)


The spiritual and emotional HEALTH of children and adults will be strengthened.


Observations of mental and spiritual health pioneer, Dr. Richard Johnson, PhD:

"The VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA MINISTRY brings together something that's been needed for some time, we just didn't know we needed it as we do. What it does is offer a bridge between the school and the parents (both parish school and PSR parents) that not only enhances the overall objectives of Catholic education, but perhaps equally importantly, serves as an entirely new evangelizing tool for Catholic families.  The program (not a curriculum) uses virtue development (something that has long been seen as the heart and soul of Catholic identity) to accomplish two distinct but interrelated goals of the Church:

1. The VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA GUIDE addresses the immense need to give our children easy access to the very best media (books as a first priority) that enhances and reinforces the message of Jesus Christ, especially in our post-information era awash in media (for kids and adults) that is at variance to what we in the Church teach and stand for.

2. The hidden “curriculum” of Virtue Works Media is targeted at parents; the platforms and programming will actively, productively, and in fun ways involve the entire family in advanced spiritual growth. 

As a practicing Catholic psychologist involved in marriage and family counseling for many years, I know that today's Catholic family is being assaulted by our secular culture media that seems to undermine what the Church is trying to accomplish for enhanced family life in Christ. VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA offers a most creative and doable means of "arming" families with alternatives to the tsunami of trash that panders to our most base desires. This virtue advocacy ministry offers us concrete ways to help our families become more happy, healthy, and holy; from the youngest child to the oldest grandparent."

Dr J Headshot.jpg


Dr. Richard Johnson, PhD

Psychologist, Educator, Author

Founder: Spiritual Strengths Institute/Senior Adult Ministry

Chesterfield, MO


The need for VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA could not be more urgent:

Over 20 Million

americans over the age of 12 have a debilitating addiction of some kind


people commit suicide each year



families experienced divorce in 2016

1 in 7

girls will be sexually abused before age 18. and 1 in 25 boys during the same period.

Cathy Gilmore asked me, as a friend, to look over the financial plans for Virtue Works Media. I found her numbers reflected a prudent 3-year start-up plan for a valuable, financially self-sustaining ministry.
— Rob Bouche, CPA, CFO, Major Religious Organization

VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA is designed to be a financially self-sustaining ministry. 


Founding VIP Donations

Our goal is to gather a team of private donors of up to 11, “Holy Founders” to each act as a founding VIP benefactor, each providing a substantive tax-deductible gift to VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA. Networking further, we plan to connect with VIP partnership level founding donors who will provide essential financial support for the birth of this mission. The founding funding goal is $550,000.

Membership Donations

Once the online user experience is in place on the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA Guide platform, we are anticipating a conversion rate of ½% to 1% of site visitors to become members. Based on industry standards, this is a very conservative estimate. Individual Works for ME! Donation Memberships will cost $9.73 annually and FAVE FAM Donation Memberships will be very accessible at $33 per year. Awareness and engagement will build and more families rely on VWM as a trusted source for help and provide a stable stream of revenue for ministry operations.

 Sponsorship Donations

As VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA is established, we will partner with sponsorship organizations who will be delighted to support this mission by providing financial support for VWM while also receiving positive affiliation exposure by being associated with such a great cause.

Grant Revenue

We will also apply for grants from the many private foundations who whose mission and vision aligns with ours. These organizations will be thrilled to see and support VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA as it meets so many essential family needs, provides such an effective and effortless evangelization mechanism and energizes cultural renewal in a truly positive and innovative way.

Advertising Revenue

As our users return again and again to find more valuable content from our continually expanding guide, advertisers will recognize the power of our platform. Advertising will become a fabulous opportunity to grow VWM revenue while also providing great exposure for virtuous businesses.

The VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA business model is to always minimize the need to beg for the same donor dollar every year. This is the unfortunate situation of too many wonderful non-profit groups. We build donation revenue generation into the daily operations of the ministry so that this work is sustained in an effective, joyful, and natural way.


As Self sustaining revenue grows, private donations are not essential for ministry operations. Numbers are listed in thousands.

(Red: Private Donations, Orange: Revenue generated from memberships, services and family Virtue fun) 

 The Bottom Line: VIRTUE is the JOY of family life.

The Bottom Line: VIRTUE is the JOY of family life.

Passionate & Prudent  Ministry Leadership

CWG booth with Cathy and Deanna (2).jpg

The genesis of the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA mission, vision and business plan has been a three-year research and development process. During that time, God's providential grace has provided the Founder and Executive Director, Cathy Gilmore, with professionals who possess deep and broad experience to give insight and advice. Here are some of their impressions.

"I’m pleased and honored to say that the dynamo who created the amazing vision of VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA is my friend. Cathy Gilmore is an award-winning Children’s author, editor, and marketing professional, whose brilliance and creativity is surpassed only by her passion to light the fire of Christ in every heart. For all of us who have wondered how we can make a difference in our toxic culture, Cathy has given us a cutting-edge strategy to show us that VIRTUE WORKS!”

Zip Rzeppa: Sports Broadcasting Legend, Mater Media ministry Founder

“We believe there is inspired strategy behind this amazing plan to promote virtue-rich reading and entertainment, and to build knowledge and appreciation of virtue in each person who uses the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA online platform.”  

Joint statement from:                          

Bob Wilhelm: Global Branding Lead, Monsanto         

Cynthia Wilhelm: Director of Annual Fund & Corporate Engagement,  Cor Jesu Academy 

“I have been able to witness the evolution of VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA from a well-intentioned good idea to its current state: a substantial and innovative tool to assist parents in actively directing virtue formation within their family.”                    

Steve Notestine: Member, Board of Trustees, Roman Catholic Foundation 

   “The charity and adaptability that Cathy Gilmore has demonstrated in considering, processing and implementing new information in regard to technology is a strong foundation for the decision-making and leadership needed in a technology-based ministry.”            

Ian Patterson: CIO, Evolve24, Former CIO, Scott Trade

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Virtue is the JOY and STRENGTH of Family

Family is the strength of society.