Ministry Pillar #3: Delight overcomes darkness

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Virtue Works Media’s VIRTUE LITERACY PROJECT is not about what we are's about what we are for.

Here are just a few of the interactive features we have planned to get children and families excited about using our platform that joyfully inspires virtue literacy:

FAVE Winks: Similar to the popular thumbs-up icon used on social media sites, VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA users can give their favorite titles an emoji wink, showing at a quick glance how many others have enjoyed it.

Virtue Rating HIGH FIVE: After families enjoy a title, they can come back to add five virtue votes, indicating which of the Everyday Virtues that they see as most evident in that title, helping to foster natural conversations about virtue in families. 

Cute Animal Icons: For children's titles, each of the 30 Everyday Virtues will have an associated animal icon, adding to the enjoyment as children look for books and videos using their favorite animal friends as the search criteria.

The Great EQUALIZER: Pop culture, classic literature, and faith-filled titles will be featured side by side. This subtle but powerful structure allows families to discover quality religious books, movies, and more that they might have otherwise ignored.

Social Proof: Each VWMGuide page will offer a Virtue Works Commentary that summarizes why a title is a great choice and/or give a head's up about problematic content in an otherwise redemptive story arc. Links to constructive professional reviews of other reliable faith-filled sources for more information will also be included.

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