Ministry Pillar #3: VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA is not about what we are's about what we are for.

  Never underestimate the power of IMAGINATION  Children and teens will aspire to noble greatness when we demonstrate for them the joy of doing so.

Never underestimate the power of IMAGINATION
Children and teens will aspire to noble greatness when we demonstrate for them the joy of doing so.


JOY in Virtue Campaign Donors will help us show the world that de-light overcomes darkness.

Our innovative platform will help families thrive with habits of virtue because it will be FUN to use. The quality of content in the titles we recommend is our substance, but the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA user experience will be the sparkling sweetness that will  make everyone want to enjoy the good stuff.

Here are just a few of the fun features we have planned.

FAVE Winks. Similar to the popular thumbs-up icon used on social media sites, VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA users will enjoy giving their favorite titles a cute emoji wink. This growing tally will show at a quick glance that lots of others have enjoyed it.

Virtue Rating HIGH FIVE.  After families enjoy a title, they can each come back to add their five virtue votes indicating which of the Everyday Virtues in a title that they see as most vibrant. This opens up a natural and fun virtue conversation in the home. The Virtue High Five will make the virtue ratings a dynamic value that is fun to revisit.  

CUTE Animal Icons. For children's titles, each of the 30 Everyday Virtues will have an adorable named animal icon. This adds engaging enjoyment to the search process as children look for books and videos using their favorite animal friends as the search criteria. The additional benefit will be that these animal virtue icons will imprint virtue concepts and vocabulary in the children's minds through effortless repetition... each time they seek a new title to read or watch.

Faith & Virtue delivered like ITunes The vibe of the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA platform will make the timeless value of virtue appear as mainstream and familiar as possible. Searchability will be natural and intuitive. Searching by specific virtue will be a highly valued feature. However, all the typical search criteria like: genre, age, medium, theme, author, director, ISBN and more, will also be included to maintain a positive and upbeat user experience. 

The Great EQUALIZER. Pop culture, classic literature and faith filled titles will be featured side by side. This subtle but powerful structure opens the discovery of great quality religious books, movies and more, that families might have ignored otherwise. Highlighting the virtues found in both religious and secular titles grouped together has two big benefits. First, it shows that faith-filled titles are normal and mainstream. Second, it also highlights that both the new, popularly advertised, and classic blast-from-the-past titles that have rich and virtuous content can delight readers and viewers.  

Social Proof. An important feature families will value is what we call "News and Reviews." Our staff will not create reviews. Each VWMGuide page will offer a Virtue Works Commentary that summarizes in two sentences (or less) why a title is a great choice, and/or give a head's up about problematic content in an otherwise redemptive story arc.

Then we will link to the constructive professional reviews of other reliable faith-filled sources. We won't link to jaded ego-driven critics for whom virtue is trite. We will also prominently feature the opinions of regular people who are part of the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA community. Lots of reliable affirmation will be provided, in an easy access manner, that a title is fun to read or watch.

We will harness the power of FUN to strengthen families with everyday virtues, helping everyone grow in the good habits that sparkle with joy of God's grace.

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