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Ministry Pillar #1: The POWER of Positive Media Ratings 

 VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will open the door to thousands of choices of uniquely  virtue-rated  reading and entertainment. 

VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will open the door to thousands of choices of uniquely virtue-rated reading and entertainment. 


VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA is pioneering a whole new way to evaluate and rate reading and entertainment.

If you are concerned about the way depression, aggression, selfishness, disrespect, snark and sexiness are now the new normal for American children, you will want to be part of the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA solution. Part of the reason families are floundering is because we lack a moral compass that is applied to culture: reading, entertainment and media.

In order for this revolutionary new positive rating platform to be the go-to reference hub for families, searchability on the site will be of paramount importance. Building the database and providing effortless searchability requires substantive investment.  The unique practical, emotional and spiritual benefits for our children, teens, and families are worth it.

Our Introductory Campaign goal is to raise $100,000 to design, build and support the phase one online user experience of the VWM Guide. This is the first step toward fundraising for a $550,00.00 total need. The picture you see, is a mock-up of what will be the home page for this essential family resource guided by a unique virtue-based rating system. 

All other media rating systems were created when dark and destructive material was not mainstream. The content indicators like PG-13, R, X, M, and YA, are based on warnings about increasing levels of negative content. Unfortunately, the status quo ratings have now created a forbidden fruit coming-of-age desire in teens to read and watch progressively worse content. The VWM positive Virtue-Based Rating System is how we begin to reboot that thinking.

By applying 30 Everyday Virtues to rate reading and entertainment according to positive content, we shift our entire cultural conversation. The same way nutrition labeling on foods has enabled families to be far more intentional about choosing to eat for great health, the VWM virtue ratings will give families an easy reference regarding the spiritual and emotional nutritional value of reading and entertainment.

Each virtue-rated title will be given a "V" with a number and a plus sign. The "V" indicates that the title is sufficiently virtuous to gain a rating. The number indicates an optimum age to start enjoying it. The plus sign reminds us that everyone above that age can enjoy it too. A title rated: V8+ is a great choice for anyone age 8 and older.  A V21+ will be the highest number value attached to a rating since ages beyond 21 are grown-ups. 

The VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA unique virtue ratings will also include a bar graph metric that shows between 5 and 10 specific Everyday Virtues that feature prominently in the title. Each time anyone searches for a title, they wil build their virtue vocabulary and develop the habit of looking for positive content in what they read and watch.

The inspiration behind the 30 Everyday Virtues is the research of mental and spiritual health pioneer: Dr. Richard Johnson, PhD. The Spiritual Strengths Model of Personality, created by Dr. Johnson, outlines thirty unique spiritual strengths that operate within the human psyche. Find out about his work at: Dr. Johnson has integrated classic Christian thinking on virtue with modern psychological research on human behavior.  

The 30 Everyday Virtues provide a reliable reference point to rate media content AND give simple and practical touchstones upon which deeper internal positive habits can grow in children and adults.

The 30 Everyday Virtues:

Faith: reliance on the power of God.
Humility: believing that littleness is a gift.
Acceptance: saying “yes” to life as it is.
Mercy: compassionate forgiveness.
Hope: believing in a good future with God. 

Clarity: seeing and seeking justice.
Humor: seeing / smiling at life’s light side.
Peace: being undisturbed, resting in love.
Adaptability:  adjust agreeably to change.
Modesty: simplicity and selfless attention focused on others.

Faithfulness: loyalty that keeps promises.
Wisdom: exercising good judgement.
Steadfastness: loving, selfless dedication.
Integrity: internal consistent goodness.
Charity: selflessness that motivates generosity.

Joyfulness: inner gladness despite difficulty
Trust: confident reliance on God or others
Devotion: care for the beloved, no matter what
Empathy: sharing the feelings of another
Gratitude: thankfulness and appreciation

Cooperation: sacrificing to work in sync with others
Patience: to persist in spite of frustration
Fortitude: spiritual toughness /stamina
Prudence: choosing the greatest good
Self-Discipline: self-imposed obedience

Honesty: exercising authenticity & truth
Inspiration: energizing the enthusiasm of others
Kindness: consideration to put others 1st
Courage: acting according to belief
Perseverance: unwavering endurance

Aren't those qualities we want to flourish in everyone's lives? With the help of founding donors like you, we can make Everyday Virtues our modern moral compass: our standard in entertainment and media, AND our guidance system to create positive  everyday habits in our children and youth.

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30 Everyday Virtues: a modern moral compass.

Our Introductory Campaign goal is to raise $100,000. If 1,000 people donate $100, we will achieve this goal. Or perhaps you are in a position to sponsor a larger part of this campaign. Get in touch with us to explore the various options through which you might be able to answer God's call to support this 501c3 non-profit charity; destined to renew the hearts of children, teens and adults with the power of virtue.