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Ministry Pillar #1: Moral Compass of Virtue

 VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will open the door to thousands of choices of uniquely  virtue-rated  reading and entertainment.

VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will open the door to thousands of choices of uniquely virtue-rated reading and entertainment.


Part of the reason families are floundering today is because we lack a moral compass by which to assess our culture. VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will be part of that solution, by pioneering a whole new way to evaluate and rate reading and entertainment.

How it will work

We wanted to create a rating system focused on positive, not negative, ratings. Current ratings like PG-13, R, X, M, and YA are based on warnings about negative content, which only encourage children and teens to read and watch progressively worse content. By applying 30 Everyday Virtues to rate reading and entertainment according to positive content, however, we shift our entire cultural conversation. Each virtue-rated title in the Virtue List will include an optimum age to begin enjoying the work and a bar graph metric showing specific Everyday Virtues featured prominently in the title, thus developing a habit of looking for positive content in general.

How you can help

Our Introductory Campaign goal is to raise $100,000 to fund the building of this database and optimizing the site for ease of use and searchability. If 1,000 people donated $100, we would easily achieve this goal. If you are in a position to sponsor a larger part of this campaign, we can reach our goal even faster and begin impacting families sooner.

Virtue Works Media is a 501c3, non-profit charity.

The 30 Everyday Virtues:

Faith: reliance on the power of God.
Humility: believing that littleness is a gift.
Acceptance: saying “yes” to life as it is.
Mercy: compassionate forgiveness.
Hope: believing in a good future with God. 

Clarity: seeing and seeking justice.
Humor: seeing / smiling at life’s light side.
Peace: being undisturbed, resting in love.
Adaptability:  adjust agreeably to change.
Modesty: simplicity and selfless attention focused on others.

Faithfulness: loyalty that keeps promises.
Wisdom: exercising good judgement.
Steadfastness: loving, selfless dedication.
Integrity: internal consistent goodness.
Charity: selflessness that motivates generosity.

Joyfulness: inner gladness despite difficulty
Trust: confident reliance on God or others
Devotion: care for the beloved, no matter what
Empathy: sharing the feelings of another
Gratitude: thankfulness and appreciation

Cooperation: sacrificing to work in sync with others
Patience: to persist in spite of frustration
Fortitude: spiritual toughness /stamina
Prudence: choosing the greatest good
Self-Discipline: self-imposed obedience

Honesty: exercising authenticity & truth
Inspiration: energizing the enthusiasm of others
Kindness: consideration to put others 1st
Courage: acting according to belief
Perseverance: unwavering endurance

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