Ministry Pillar #2: The Ten Commandments as a Firewall Filter

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Describing what is "good or bad" in regard to reading and media often seems to just reflect someone's opinion. Virtue Works Media’s VIRTUE LITERACY PROJECT will provide a more objective standard, based on metrics that can be consistently applied to all forms of reading and media. Our metrics come from God Himself - the Ten Commandments. We use a form of the Commandments stated in positive terms: “God’s Top Ten List,” as the basis of our firewall and filtering mechanism. Titles that deeply offend God’s Top Ten are excluded entirely. Titles that portray fallen moments, but that are resolved in a redemptive way, will be included with “head’s up” information for families to make informed decisions about choosing them or not.

God's TOP 10 List 

 1) Love and HONOR the ONE true GOD
above all else in heaven and on earth. 

2) Honor the precious NAME of GOD

3) Honor the Lord's Sabbath Day.  

4) Honor Fatherhood & Motherhood   

5) Honor the eternal value of each human LIFE.    

6) Honor the miracle of MARRIAGE as God intended.

7) Honor the PROPERTY of others.

8) Honor HONESTY & TRUTH.     

 within marriage

 regarding lifestyles and possessions

In addition to providing the God’s Top Ten List firewall to avoid toxic material, VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will include helpful links on the V-LIST page for each book, movie, and music title that will connect visitors to professional reviews and information.