Family Filter CAMPAIGN

Ministry Pillar #2: An Exclusive Collection of Pre-screened Positive Reading and Media.

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Policing what our children read and watch is an exhausting job. It' doesn't need to be that hard.

As a VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA founding donor, you will be coming alongside of hundreds of thousands of parents and grandparents like yourself, who want only the best for their children.

Many great media watchdog organizations and literacy specialists offer helpful recommendations on good material for families to read and watch, and warnings on what to avoid. Unfortunately, these tips are buried in books and blogs, and require tremendous research to sift through in determining what is age-appropriate that your child or teen might enjoy.

The ministry of VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will simplify the search.  Our priority is to offer a collection of title recommendations that are all good quality that also have great content. With the VWM Guide, no one will have to sift through all the bad stuff, because it simply won't be included. We will offer an exclusive collection of title recommendations where truly, it's ALL good.

Part of the difficulty we face is that describing what is "good or bad" seems to just reflect someone's opinion. Currently, popular evaluations of whether a title is "good" judge a book or film on the quality of the literary style or the performance and production expertise. Too often, jaded critics throw rotten tomatoes at enjoyable books or films because goodness in content, to them, is trite.  

VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will provide a more objective standard, based on consistent metrics that can be applied to all forms of reading and media. God gave us the lifeline we need to protect the emotional and spiritual well being of our families. The lifeline to which we can tether our family's emotional and spiritual safety is the Ten Commandments. VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA uses the Ten Commandments as the basis of our media filtering mechanism.


A grass-roots team of educators, librarians, parents and grandparents will choose book, movie, TV, YouTube, music and game titles with literary or production excellence and then apply a simple and consistent rubric to screen title content according to: 

God's TOP 10 List

(The positive side of the Ten Commandments) 

 1) Love and HONOR the ONE true GOD
above all else in heaven and on earth. 

2) Honor the precious NAME of GOD

3) Honor the Lord's Sabbath Day.  

4) Honor Fatherhood & Motherhood   

5) Honor the eternal value of each
human LIFE.    

6) Honor the miracle of MARRIAGE.

7) Honor the PROPERTY of others.

8) Honor HONESTY & TRUTH.     

 within marriage

 regarding lifestyles and possessions

For children, each of God's TOP 10 must be wholly honored. For teen and grown-up titles, a problematic story arc must be resolved in a redemptive way. No sexually explicit content, narrative or visual, will be included. 

It's never good to have no filter. Your donation will enable us to execute this media filtering metric and create the organizational infrastructure for both paid and volunteer contributors to make best use of it. With your support, they will populate the VWM Guide with thousands of great recommended titles to safeguard our children's purity of heart and inspire them in lives of character and conscience. 

By tethering our reading and media choices to God's eternal commands, our children and teens can embrace the adventure of life safe and secure, confidently trusting in the power and providence of God. 

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