Family Filter CAMPAIGN

Ministry Pillar #2: A platform for finding virtuous media

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While there are many reviews that offer tips on finding wholesome media and avoiding negative content, the ministry of VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will curate all of that information into one easy-to-find database. Our priority is to offer a collection of title recommendations that are good quality with great content.

Describing what is "good or bad" often just reflects someone's opinion, however. Thus, VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will provide a more objective standard, based on consistent metrics that can be applied to all forms of reading and media. These metrics come from God Himself - the Ten Commandments, which we will use as the basis of our media filtering mechanism.

Your donation will enable us to execute this media filtering metric and create an organizational infrastructure to be utilized by both paid and volunteer contributors to recommend virtuous titles to be enjoyed by VWM families.


God's TOP 10 List

(Positive actions of the Ten Commandments) 

 1) Love and HONOR the ONE true GOD
above all else in heaven and on earth. 

2) Honor the precious NAME of GOD

3) Honor the Lord's Sabbath Day.  

4) Honor Fatherhood & Motherhood   

5) Honor the eternal value of each
human LIFE.    

6) Honor the miracle of MARRIAGE.

7) Honor the PROPERTY of others.

8) Honor HONESTY & TRUTH.     

 within marriage

 regarding lifestyles and possessions

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