The Preliminary  V-LIST

 Ultimately the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA Guide collection will include both books and films. The sample titles pictured below are just book recommendations...for now.

Ultimately the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA Guide collection will include both books and films. The sample titles pictured below are just book recommendations...for now.


You've heard of "A-List" movies and actors. Many of whom create work that is great in style, but may be lacking in substance. We are here to turn common notions of excellence upside-down. Here you will find a sampling of virtue-recommended book titles. It's the start of the V-LIST: recommendations of books, movies and music that offer greatness in BOTH substance and style. This is a small fraction of the many titles that will ultimately be included. They are grouped within five age categories. Scroll through to find great choices for Teens, Middle Grade, Primary, Picture Book/Read Aloud, and Grown-Ups. You'll notice some familiar names and many unfamiliar ones. Consider this like mining for hidden treasure. If there's a highly publicized title you are surprised is not included, that is likely because they don't need our help for people to discover.

Within primary and picture book title categories, we try to avoid mean-spirited content entirely. For middle grade and older readers, there may be a little snarky/sassy content IF the story arc resolves it in a truly redemptive way.  Each book cover is linked to a web page that offers more information. This gives you a small taste of the valuable links, reviews, virtue ratings, reader comments, and more, that the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA Guide will offer.  Together, as donors, volunteers, and cheerleaders, we will build the valuable and easily searchable, VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA Guide family resource.

Titles for Teens and UP

These titles are geared for readers in the high school teen to grown-up range. While some of these titles include relationships of a more intimate nature, none of the titles we recommend have explicit sexual content. Click on the cover for more information.

Titles for Middle Grade and UP

Middle grade readers will enjoy these titles that offer quality storytelling that is truly engaging both for reluctant readers as well as devoted book worms. Each cover image is linked to more information. Many titles are part of a series or collection with other fun-to-read titles from that same author.

Titles for primary grade and UP

These titles are perfect for young readers who are just discovering the great adventures that are found within the pages of books. Click on the cover image of these FUN, yet virtuous, titles for more information. Quite a few of these titles are the start of a great series of stories that model virtue and build literacy at the same time.

Great picture book and read-aloud titles that all ages can enjoy

This collection of delightful picture books and read-aloud collections will ignite faith and virtue in the hearts of children...and perhaps energize the spirit of the grown-ups who read to them! Click on the cover for more information

Titles for Grown-ups

Grown-ups need great "flinch-free" reading that can be enjoyed with the confidence knowing that explicit erotica and other soul-suffocating material will not be included. These titles may explore intimate or intense themes, but do so within a truly redemptive story arc. 

Then we'd be one step closer to super-powering this collection with tons more titles, amazing search-ability: by virtue, by genre, by author, and so much MORE!

Making a donation is quite virtuous, and it only takes a moment. 

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