Sponsorship donations will provide funds to take VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA effectiveness to the next level.

Sponsor a BIG Campaign

Once the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA Guide platform is established, opportunities emerge that expand the impact of this ministry exponentially. Generous SPONSORS can come alongside and specifically target the resources they donate for a dramatically powerful project. 



Virtue LITERACY Sponsorship

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Determining what reading choices are "age-appropriate" for middle grade and young teen boys and girls is a hugely troublesome problem that both parents and teachers face. A generous VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA Sponsor will be able to provide the easy-to understand and effective virtue-rich solution. Currently, age or maturity considerations and reading proficiency are combined as books are assigned to various reading levels. This is particularly problematic for advanced level readers who are also young in age for whom "mature" content assaults their innocence. More information →

Virtue MENTORING Sponsorship

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As children become teens and young adults it is often increasingly difficult to maintain family guidance and relationship across the generational divide. Technology and social media facilitates a youth sub-culture that grown-ups find difficulty penetrating and navigating. The VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA Sponsor who decides to provide the financial foundation for our Virtue Mentoring Program will equip parents and grandparents to effectively connect, have constructive conversations with and make a positive impact in the lives of the spiritually at-risk teens and youth they care about.    More information →


Virtue GAMING APP Sponsorship

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The VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA Sponsor who helps provide the resources for the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA APP will make it possible for families to experience the VIRTUE POWERS Family Virtue Incentive Game. In addition to receiving simple access to the entire user experience of the VWMGuide, parents will be able to set up family teams to reward children's virtuous attitudes and behavior with colorful animated "Virtue POWERS Points". Pilot test families have experienced the power of this FUN and formational game.  More information →

Virtue OUTREACH Sponsorship

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One of the most powerful long-term goals set for the ministry of VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA is to create an outreach mechanism to make it simple for churches and groups in more prosperous communities to provide fun to read or watch books, movies and other materials that are packed with spiritually and emotionally nutritious virtue, to be donated to children and families in impoverished neighborhoods. A generous VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA Sponsor will be able to make a profound difference in the lives of struggling children and teens through this campaign.  More information →

General ministry donations do not have the restricted focus of sponsorships. Non-sponsorship donations provide resources for essential operations and build the solid foundation of what we do.