Accolades and Excitement:


Members of the Clergy Express Hope

 “There seems to be a growing need for clarity in our culture concerning what is of value and what is simply toxic.  I think the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA conceptualization of rating materials according to what kinds of virtues are displayed within them along with the overall quality of these materials is certainly aimed at guiding families through the fog of modernity.  I am excited to see how families can use her system to seek and find the things that are “good for edifying, as fits the occasion, that it may impart grace (Eph. 4:29).”

Father Tim Foy, Pastor, St. John the Baptist Parish, Gildehaus, MO 


School Librarians Value the Vision

“It has always been said that the purpose of literature is to delight and to instruct. The problem is that some literary works are perhaps enjoyable but not edifying; other works are instructive but not fun to read. VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will provide high-quality resources for families, teachers, clergy, and librarians that accords with a Catholic sensibility and will engage the interest of readers.” 

 Joint statement from:       

Fr. Ambrose Bennett, O.S.B.  Monastic Librarian, St. Louis Priory 

Susanne Kress, M.L.S. Head Librarian, St. Louis Priory School


Confidence in the Founder's Commitment

 For over 30 years I have known VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA Founder, Cathy Gilmore and her passion and desire to make the world a better place has always been part of her DNA.  The VIRTUE LITERACY PROJECT programs will help people to find calm in this chaotic world.  It will give them tools to help them instill virtue in the lives of their children.  I’m confident Cathy will accomplish her goal and the world will be better for it.”

Michael Brennan, Father, Business owner, The Brennan Group, St. Louis, MO

"I’m pleased and honored to say that the dynamo who created the amazing vision of VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA is my friend. Cathy Gilmore is an award-winning Children’s author, editor, and marketing professional, whose brilliance and creativity is surpassed only by her passion to light the fire of Christ in every heart. For all of us who have wondered how we can make a difference in our toxic culture, Cathy has given us a cutting-edge strategy to show us that VIRTUE WORKS!”

Zip Rzeppa: Sports Broadcasting Legend, Mater Media ministry Founder