Protecting the souls of children and teens with the power of virtue.

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VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will provide technology based solutions for families to foster positive attitudes and behavior.

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The Moral Compass of VIRTUE

Ministry Pillar #1: The foundation of the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA ministry is a modern moral compass of 30 simple and reliable Everyday Virtues. These are the lexicon, the guidance system, through which we assess the positive content of movies, books, videos and more. Even more importantly, these terms describe the positive attitudes and behaviors that families can grow in and experience on the journey to a life that is truly good.

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Essential Spiritual Safety

Ministry Pillar #2: To provide a pre-screened list of quality reading and media title recommendations. When so much media and entertainment is either spiritually empty or morally toxic, VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA will provide families a trustworthy mechanism to protect the emotional and spiritual health of children and teens. A proprietary filtering rubric based on God's TOP 10 List (The Ten Commandments) will be the standard for an exclusive, ever-growing, and easy-to-search list of recommended titles to read and watch.

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DeLIGHT Overcomes Darkness

Ministry Pillar #3: VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA works to overcome evil with good. We celebrate and advocate for authors and artists who portray both the struggles and the JOYS of virtue in their work. We don't bash, ban, or boycott the bad stuff. We simply shine the light on the work that sparkles with goodness and we work diligently to lead children, teens and grown-ups to it...through an online user experience that is as simple and enjoyable as a wink and a smile. 

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GOOD Clean Family Fun

Ministry Pillar #4: We are convinced that when families have simple and easy ways to avoid spiritually destructive content by limiting their kids access and exposure to it, we can unleash the deep positive power of entertainment. We want each parent, grandparent and teacher who uses the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA platform to picture themselves holding a garden hose spraying refreshing clean content, dousing their giggling kids, with confidence that truly, "It's ALL good!" 

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Children DO enjoy stories

rich in VIRTUE.

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Ministry Strategy

Dedicated to positive solutions.

It's one thing to have a good idea, but how it is accomplished makes all the difference. Virtue, at its core, is WHY and HOW we do things in a deeply positive way. The well researched business plan guiding the development of the VIRTUE WORKS MEDIA ministry is structured with industry best practices for financial self-sustainability. Take a look at HOW we will make the virtue work in the lives of countless families across the nation and ultimately around the world. 

 We will give families a reliable source to choose consistently positive reading and entertainment. 

We will give families a reliable source to choose consistently positive reading and entertainment. 

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